4591 SEMAINO (6): from sema, a sign; to show the significance of, signify.

SHOW BY A SIGN Jn.12.33; 18.32; 21.19. Act.11.28; 25.27. Rev.1.1.

4584 SEMEI (1): a proper name, Semein.

SEMEIN Lk.3.26.

4592 SEMEION (77): An identifying sign or symbol, or the "sign"ificance of an action, rather than a superhuman act. For instance in Mt.26.48 Judas' kiss was was not a superhuman act, but a human means of identifying Jesus.

Semeion is sometimes translated, "miracle," which is often understood to mean a "superhuman act." For instance the King James Version (KJV) of Jn.2.11 reads, "This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee..." But the Greek text records that Jesus did a "sign." The significance of changing water into wine was not the act itself, but that God can change water to wine. The New American Standard Bible more accurately translates it, "This beginning of [His] signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee..."

John declared the purpose of "signs" in Jn.20.30-31: "And Jesus did many other signs in front of the delegates, which are not written in this book; but these are written so that you+ may be fully trusting that Jesus is the Anointed One, the Son of God; and that trusting, you+ may have life in his name."

Semeion always calls attention to something other than the act itself. In 2Co.12.12 Paul writes, "Indeed, the signs (semeion) of the delegate were worked among you in all endurance, both by signs (semeion) and by amazing things and by powerful deeds." The significance of Paul doing amazing things and powerful deeds was that he was an authentic delegate (apostle) of Jesus.

Inasmuch as "all things are possible with God" and "with God nothing is impossible," any God-caused action worked through humans is neither "miraculous," "superhuman" or "supernatural." To God, "signs" are perfectly natural. When God works through humans to do "powerful deeds" (dunamis), the significance (semeion) is that God has enabled these "powerful deeds" (superhuman acts), and the effect upon witnesses is "amazement" (teras ).

God continues to do superhuman things in the presence of both, believers and unbelievers, such as continued existence of his created things and beings, working all things together for good, hearing and answering prayers. and more. The signs (semeion) for humans include that he exists, is good, knows all, has a purpose for all of his creation and will judge humans in the final day.


SIGN (70) Mt.12.38,39,39,39; 16.1,3,4,4,4; 24.3,30; 26.48. Mk.8.11, 12,12; 13.4; 16.17,20. Lk.2.12,34; 11.16,29,29,29,30; 21.7,11,25; 23.8. Jn.2.11,18,23; 3.2; 4.48,54; 6.2,14,26,30; 7.31; 9.16; 10.41; 11.47; 12.18,37; 20.30. Act.2.19,22,43; 4.16,22,30; 5.12; 6.8; 7.36; 8.6,13; 14.3; 15.12. Rom.12.4; 15.19. 1Co.1.22; 14.22. 2Co.12.12,12. 2Th.3.17. Heb.2.4. Rev.12.1,3; 15.1.


SIGN (7) Mt.24.24. Mk.13.22. 2Th.2.9. Rev.13.13,14; 16.14; 19.20. 4593

SEMEIO'OMAI (1): to mark, identify.

MARK  2Th.3.14.

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