Prayer 7

2168 EUCHARISTEO (38): eu = good, well + a form of charis = to favor or thank; to respond to a good favor; that is, to thank or give thanks. Eucharisteo is also used as the verb form of "favor" (5485 charis ).

TO SPEAK A PRAYER OF THANKS TO GOD; as in Jesus' prayer of Jn.11.41, "Father, I thank (eucharisteo) you that you heard me." Also Eph.1.16: " not cease giving thanks on your+ behalf, making mention [of you] in my prayers."

GIVE THANKS (28) Mt.15.36; 26.27. Mk.8.6; 14.23. Lk.22.17,19. Jn.6.11,23. Act.27.35. Rom.14.6,6. 1Co.1.14; 10.30; 11.24; 14.17,18. 2Co.1.11. Eph.1.16; 5.20. Col.1.3,12; 3.17. 1Th.1.2; 2.13; 5.18. 2Th.1.3; 2.13. Phm.4.

THANK (8) Lk.18.11. Jn.11.41. Act.28.15. Rom.1.8,21. 1Co.1.4. Php.1.3. Rev.11.17.

TO THANK JESUS; as in Lk.17.16, "...and (the leper) fell on his face at his (Jesus') feet, thanking (eucharisteo) him..."

THANK (1) Lk.17.16.

TO THANK A HUMAN: Rom.16.3-4: "Greet Prisca and Aquila, my fellow-workers in the Anointed one, Jesus; who risked their own necks on behalf of my life; to whom not only I give thanks but also all the communities of the nations..."

GIVE THANKS (1) Rom.16.4.

2169 EUCHARISTIA (15): an attitude of thankfulness or the speaking of thanks, depending upon whether the context deals with attitudes or actions.

AN ATTITUDE OF THANKFULNESS: as in Col.2.6-7: "So then, as you+ received the Anointed One, Jesus the Master, [so] walk in him; having been rooted and being built up in him and being confirmed in the trust as you+ were taught, overflowing in thanksgiving (eucharistia)."

THANKFULNESS (2) Act.24.3. Col.2.7.

A SPEAKING OF THANKS TO GOD: as in Php.4.6, "Be anxious about nothing,but in everything by prayer (4335 proseuche) and pleading (1162 de'esis) let your requests be made known to God with giving of thanks (eucharistia).

GIVING OF THANKS (11) 1Co.14.16; 2Co.4.15; 9.11,12. Eph.5.4. Php.4.6. Col.4.2. 1Ti.2.1; 4.3,4. Rev.7.12.

THANKS (2) 1Th.3.9. Rev.4.9.

2170 EUCHARISTOS (1): thankful. Col.3.15: "And let the peace of the Anointed One rule in your+ hearts, to which indeed you+ were called into one body; and be thankful (eucharistos)."

THANKFUL Col.3.15.

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