Prayer 1

4335 PROSEUCHE (36): euche = petition, vow + pros = toward; a petition from the lesser to the greater. In the FCM (NT) proseuche means a general, personal communication to God, whether silent or spoken.

Within an assembled group, prayer may comprise the separate prayers of individuals within the group, or may be led by an individual within the group, depending upon one's understanding of passages such as Act.1.14: "These all were continuing steadfastly with one mind in prayer with [the] women and Mary the mother of Jesus and with his brothers." Also 1Th.1.2: "We give thanks to God always for you+, making mention [of you+] in our prayers..."

See the verb form, "pray" (4336 proseuchomai), for further discussion.

NOTE: This is the first in a series of eight word-studies of Greek FCM words that are used to represent different kinds of prayers. The others are: "request" (0155 aitema); "intercession" (1783 enteuxis); "vow" (2171 euche); "plea" (1162 deesis); "praise" (0136 ainos); "thanks" (2169 eucharistia) and "encouragement" (3874 paraklesis )."


PRAYER (31) Mt.21.13,22. Mar.9.29; 11.17. Lk.6.12; 19.46; 22.45. Act.1.14; 2.42; 3.1; 6.4; 10.4,31; 12.5; 16.13,16. Rom.12.12; 15.30. 1Co.7.5. Php.4.6. Col.4.2,12. 1Th.1.2. 1Ti.2.1; 5.5. Phm.4,22. Jas.5.17. Rev.5.8; 8.3,4.

PETITION (5) Rom.1.10. Eph.1.16; 6.18. 1Pe.3.7; 4.7.

4336 PROSEUCHOMAI (86): euchomai = to petition + pros = toward; in the FCM, to petition God; usually, the idea of speaking to God.

TO PRAY TO GOD IN GENERAL; CONTENT OF PRAYER NOT INCLUDED: For example, Mk.6.46: "And having said farewell to them he (Jesus) departed to the mountain to pray." Also Act.12.12: "...he (Peter) came to the house of Mary the mother of John, surnamed Mark, where many were assembled and praying (proseuchomai)." See Eph.6.18 about praying 'in spirit': "...through every prayer (proseuche) and plea, praying (proseuchomai) always in spirit (4151 pneuma )."


PRAY (67) Mt.6.5,5,6,6,7; 14.23; 19.13; 26.36,41. Mk.1.35; 6.46; 11.24; 12.40; 14.32,38. Lk.1.10; 3.21; 5.16; 6.12,; 9.18,28,29; 11.1,1; 18.1,10,11; 20.47; 22.44,46. Act.6.6; 9.11,40; 10.9,30; 11.5; 12.12; 13.3; 14.23; 16.25; 20.36; 21.5; 22.17; 28.8. Rom.8.26. 1Co.11.4,5,13; 14.13,14,14,15,15. Eph.6.18. Col.1.3,9; 4.3. 1Th.5.17, 25. 2Th.1.11; 3.1. 1Ti.2.8. Heb.13.18. Jas.5.13,14,16. Jud.20.

TO PRAY IN GENERAL BUT INCLUDE CONTENTS OF THE PRAYER: For example: Mt.5.44, "...helpfully care for your+ enemies and pray (proseuchomai) for those who are persecuting you+", and Lk.6.28, "...pray about those who are insulting you+." So those who trust God will ask him to do good for those who persecute and insult them. Nothing is mentioned about asking for the persecution to cease. Similarly, Php.1.9: "And I pray (proseuchomai), that your+ love may abound more and more in full knowledge and every insight."


PETITION (19) Mt.5.44; 6.9; 24.20; 26.39,42,44. Mk.11.25; 13.18; 14.35,39. Lk.6.28; 11.2; 22.40,41. Act.1.24; 8.15. Php.1.9. Jas.5.17,18.


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