5503 CHERA (26): a woman who has lost her husband for whatever reason; a widow; a bereft woman. Chera is the feminine form of the word cheros (the masculine form), which never occurs in the FCR. Cheros basically means "bereft" (a form of "bereaved," meaning: left alone, left behind, widowed). Thus chera refers to a woman who doesn't have a husband to provide for her and her children; a widow, abandoned or divorced woman, a woman whose husband is missing at sea or in war, etc. This is reasonable, because especially in earlier times, any such woman would be in a desperate situation without a provider. Note the detailed instructions Paul gives in 1Tim.5 to assure that a chera is properly provided for. Used with "orphan" (3737 orphanos) in Jas.1.27.

BEREFT WOMAN Mk.12.40,42,43. Lk.2.37; 4.25,26; 7.12; 18.3,5; 20.47; 21.2,3. Act.6.1; 9.39,41. 1Co.7.8. 1Ti.5.3,3,4,5,9,11,16, 16. Jas.1.27. Rev.18.7.


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