3466 MUSTERION (27): a hidden thing, a secret, or something unobvious. Comp. “hidden” (2926 kruptqs), which usually refers to things humans hide; whereas musterion usually refers to God’s secrets. Usually transliterated “mystery,” but musterion never means mysterious or inscrutable, but rather, something factual that has not been revealed. More recent translations, such as the NIV do translate musterion as “secret.” Used in context with “hide away” (0613 apokrupto) in 1Co.2.7, Eph.3.9 and Col.1.26, showing that there is a difference in meaning between the two words.

SECRET Mt.13.11. Mk.4.11. Lk.8.10. Rom.11.25; 16.25. 1Co.2.7; 4.1; 13.2; 14.2; 15.51. Eph.1.9; 3.3,4,9; 5.32; 6.19. Col.1.26,27; 2.2; 4.3. 2Th.2.7. 1Ti.3.9,16. Rev.1.20; 10.7; 17.5,7.


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