4567 SATANAS (35): an adversary, enemy. This word seems to be the personal name of the “Devil” because “satan” is how he is addressed in Mt.4.10, 16.23, Mk.8.33 and Jn.13.27(?); the Adversary is never so addressed. Rev.12.9 and 20.2 state his personal name “satan”, his title “Adversary or Devil” and one of his functions or roles, “Serpent”. Comp. “adversary” (1228 diabolos).

Yesu used the name “satan” figuratively in addressing Peter in Mt.16.23 to show how far Peter’s remark was from Yesu’s intended destiny.

The name “satan” is not considered worthy of capitalization.

SATAN Mt.4.10; 12.26,26; 16.23. Mk.1.13; 3.23,23,26; 4.15; 8.33. Lk.10.18; 11.18; 13.16; 22.3,31. Jn.13.27. Act.5.3; 26.18. Rom.16.20. 1Co.5.5; 7.5. 2Co.2.11; 11.14. 1Th.2.18. 2Th.2.9. 1Ti.1.20; 5.15. Rev.2.9,13,13,24; 3.9; 12.9; 20.2,7.


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