4990 SOTER (24): savior, deliverer, preserver. God and Yesu the Anointed One are each described as being the Rescuer. Jud.25 explains how both God and Yesu are rescuers in the statement, "To the only God, our Rescuer through Yesu the Anointed One..."

RESCUER Lk.1.47; 2.11. Jn.4.42. Act.5.31; 13.23. Eph.5.23. Php.3.20. 1Ti.1.1; 2.3; 4.10. 2Ti.1.10. Tit.1.3,4; 2.10,13; 3.4,6. 2Pe.1.1,11; 2.20; 3.2,18. 1Jn.4.14. Jud.25.

4991 SOTERIA (45): salvation or rescue from wrongdoings (Lk.1.77 and Heb.2.23). This rescue is: 1) provided by God (Lk.11.68-69 and Php.1.28), 2) through the good news (Rom.1.16 and Eph.1.13), 3) through Yesu the Anointed One (Act.4.10-12, 1Th.5.9 and Heb.2.10) who first revealed it (Heb.2.3), and by the delegates who confirmed it (Heb.2.10, Act.13.47 and 16.17). This rescue from wrongdoings involves: 1) trust (Rom.10.10, 2Ti.3.15), 2) repentance (2Co.7.10), 3) immersion (Mk.16.16 & 1Pe.3.21), and 4) obedience (Heb.5.9). 5) hope (1Th.5.8) and expectation (Heb.9.28), and is the end result of trust (1Pe.1.9). Used with "rescue" (4982 sozo) in Lk.19.9-10.

RESCUE Lk.1.69,71,77; 19.0. Jn.4.22. Act.4.12; 7.25; 13.26,47; 16.17; 27.34. Rom.1.16; 10.1,10; 11.11; 13.11. 2Co.1.6; 6.2,2; 7.10. Eph.1.13. Php.1.19,28; 2.12. 1Th.5.8,9. 2Th.2.13. 2Ti.2.10; 3.15. Heb.1.14; 2.3,10; 5.9; 6.9; 9.28; 11.7. 1Pe.1.5,9,10; 2.2. 2Pe.3.15. Jud.3. Rev.7.10; 12.10; 19.1.

4992 SOTERION, SOTERIOS (5): salvation, rescue. Comp "rescue" (4982 sozo).

RESCUE Lk.2.30; 3.6.l Act.28.28. Eph.6.17. Tit.2.11.

4982 SOZO (106): to save from harm or deliver, rescue; to preserve. But sozo is usually translated "save." The usage of the verb, "save," by Christians seems to bring to mind the idea of a person having "eternal life," being "forgiven of sins," not being among those who are "lost," etc.

But sozo is used in God's First Century Revelation (FCR) as something one is rescued FROM, rather than something one is saved TO. For example, in Mt.1.21, " his name Yesu; for he will rescue his people from their wrongdoings," in Act.2.40, "...rescue yourselves from this perverse generation, and in Rom.5.9, "...having been justified now by his blood we will be rescued from the fury through him." Accordingly, it seems better to translate sozo as "rescue" even though in some passages the word "save" is adequate.

In German, sozo is translated "retten," whose principal meaning is "to rescue." Retten also has the secondary meaning "to save," but the word, "sparen," is usually used instead.

Sozo is the opposite of "ruinously lose" (0622 apollumi) in Mt.16.25, Mk.8.35, 1Co.1.18, 2Th.2.10 and Jas.4.12. To sozo life is the opposite of to "murder" (0615 apokteino) in Mk.3.4; it is the opposite of "ruinously slay" (0622 apollumi) in Lk.6.9. In 1Co.5.5 one's spirit is rescued in the day of the Master. In 1Ti.1.15 Yesu, the Anointed One, came into the human world to rescue sinners. Used with "rescue" (4506 rhuomai) in Rom.11.26 and 2Ti.4.18. That which "rescues" humans: 1) "enduring to the end" (Mt.10.22, 24.13, Mk.13.13), 2) "losing one's life for Yesu" (Mk.8.35b, Lk.9.24b), 3) Yesu, his words, the good news about him, etc. (Jn.5.34, 12.47-48, Act.11.14, Rom.5.9,10, 1Co.1.18, 15.1, 1Th.2.16, Jas.1.21), 4) "calling on the Master's name" (Act.2.21, 4.12, Rom.10.13), 5) "belief" (Mk.16.16, Lk.7.50, 8.12, Act.16.31, Rom.10.9, 1Co.1.21, Eph.2.8), 6) "hope" (Rom.8.24), 7) "love of the truth" (2Th.2.10), 8) "the washing of regeneration..." (Tit.3.5), 9) "works" (Jas.2.14); 10) "favor (grace)" (Eph.2.5,8), 11) "confession" (Rom.10.10), 12) "immersion" (Mk.16.16, 1Pe.3.21).


RESCUE (64) Mt.1.21; 10.22; 19.25; 24.13. Mk.8.35b; 10.26; 13.13; 16.16. Lk.7.50; 8.12; 9.24b; 13.23; 18.26; 19.10. Jn.3.17; 5.34; 10.9; 12.47. Act.2.21,40,47; 4.12; 11.14; 15.1,11; 16.30,31. Rom.5.9,10; 8.24; 9.27; 10.9,13; 11.14,26. 1Co.1.18,21; 3.15; 5.5; 7.16,16; 9.22; 10.33; 15.1. 2Co.2.15. Eph.2.5,8. 1Th.2.16. 2Th.2.10. 1Ti.1.15; 2.4,15; 4.16. 2Ti.1.9; 4.18. Tit.3.5. Heb.7.25. Jas.1.21; 2.14; 4.12; 5.20. 1Pe.3.21; 4.18. Jud.23.


RESCUE (25) Mt.8.25; 14.30; 16.25; 24.22; 27.40,42,42,49. Mk.3.4; 8.35a 13.20; 15.30,31,31. Lk.6.9; 9.24a; 23.35,35,37,39. Jn.12.27. Act.27.20,31. Heb.5.7. Jud.5.


HEAL (17) Mt.9.21,22,22. Mk.5.23,28,34; 6.56; 10.52. Lk.8.36,48, 50; 17.19; 18.42. Jn.11.12. Act.4.9; 14.9. Jas.5.15.


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