Preach 6

4296 PROKERUSSO (1): pro = before + kerusso = to proclaim; used in the sense of something having previously been proclaimed. Prokerusso is translated "preach" in the King James Version and the New Inter- national Version, but the New American Standard Bible more correctly translates it "proclaimed before."

Prokerusso occurs only once in the FCM (NT). Paul used it in Act.13.23-24: "...God, according to his promise, brought to Israel a rescuer, Jesus. Before his arrival, John (the immerser) had previously proclaimed (prokerusso) immersion with a change of mind (repentance) to all the people of Israel." Paul was referring to the event recorded in Mk.1.4: "John came, the one immersing in the wasteland, proclaiming (kerusso) immersion with a change of mind, for forgiveness of wrongdoings." See "proclaim" (2784 kerusso) and the word-study "Preach " for further information.



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