Preach 2

1229 DIANGELLO (3): di = through + angello = to announce; to thoroughly or fully announce. Diangello is a broadened form of "announce" (0031a angello), suggesting that its meaning is "to widely announce." It is a verb form of "messenger, angel" (0032 angelos), thus indicating that this is something a messenger would do. Note that the quotation below of the three occurences of diangello shows that the announcing was neither secretive nor restricted, but widespread.

Lk.9.60 reads: "...but you go and widely announce (diangello) the kingship of God." Act.21.26 states: "Then Paul...having been purified, went into the temple announcing the completion of the days of the purification..." Also Rom. 9.17: " that my (God's) name may be widely announced in all the earth."

The King James Version translates diangello as "preach" in Lk.9.60, but both the KJV and more recent translations render diangello as proclaim, publish or announce in the other two passages.

See "announce good news" (2097 euangelizo) and "Preach."

WIDELY ANNOUNCE Lk.9.60. Act.21.26. Rom.9.17.


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