Prayer 6

0134 AINEO (8): to praise. In the FCM (NT) the praising is either by angels or humans and is directed toward God. It can thus be considered a prayer. The praise is spoken out loud, as in Lk.2.13: "And suddenly there came with the angel a multitude of a heavenly army praising (aineo) God..." Similarly in Lk.19.37: "And as he now drew near to the descent of the mount of Olives the entire multitude of learners, rejoicing, began to praise (aineo) God with a loud voice concerning all the powerful deeds which they saw..."

The expression, "greatly praise" (1867 epaineo), is used with aineo in Rom.15.11: "And again, 'Praise (aineo) the Master all [you+] nations. And let all people greatly praise (epaineo) him.'")


PRAISE Lk.2.13,20; 19.37. Act.2.47; 3.8,9. Rom.15.11. Rev.19.5.

0133 AINESIS (1): a praising of God in Heb.13.15: "...Let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise (ainesis) to God through him (Jesus); that is, fruit of lips acknowledging his (Jesus') name."


PRAISE Heb.13.15.

0136 AINOS (2): Praise for God, as in Mt.21.16: "...And Jesus said to them (the chief priests and scribes), 'Yes. Did you+ never read, "Out of the mouth of infants and nurslings you brought praise (ainos)? [Psa.8.2]"'"

Compare to "prayer" (4335 proseuche).


PRAISE Mt.21.16. Lk.18.43.

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