Prayer 3

1783 ENTEUXIS (2): en = in + tunchano = to reach; a reaching into a situation; an interceding.

In the FCM (NT) enteuxis is a request to God for intercession, as in 1Ti.2.1-2: "So then, I urge first of all [that] pleas (de'esis), prayers (proseuche), intercessions (enteuxis) and givings of thanks (eucharistia) be made for the benefit of all humans; for the benefit of kings and all those who are supreme, so that we may lead a peaceful and calm life in all godliness and dignity." Note that four kinds of prayers are mentioned. See "prayer" (4335 proseuche) for the listing of additional kinds of prayers.

Similarly in 1Ti.4.4-5: "...because every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, being received with giving of thanks (eucharistia); for it is purified through a statement of God and intercession (enteuxis)."


INTERCESSION 1Ti.2.1; 1Ti.4.5.

1793 ENTUNCHANO (5) en = in + tunchano = to reach; to reach into a situation to assist or intercede. The purpose of interceding is usually to benefit God's people, as in Rom.8.27: "And the one who is searching the hearts understands what the Spirit thinks, because in response to God, he intercedes (entunchano) to benefit purified ones." Also Heb.7.25: "...he (Jesus) is able to totally rescue those who are approaching God through him, always living to intercede (entunchano) on their behalf."


INTERCEDE Rom.8.27,34. Heb.7.25.

Entunchno is expressed as a request for intercession in Rom.11.1-2 in the form, "ask to intercede": "So then I say, God has not discarded his people, has he? May it not be; for even I am an Israelite, seed of Abraham, of [the] tribe of Benjamin. God did not discard the people whom he knew before. Or do you+ not realize what Elias (Elijah) says in the writings (1Ki.19.10), how he asks God to intercede (entunchano) against Israel?...".

But in Act.25.24 the request is from one human to another: "And Festus said, 'King Agrippa and all men who are present with us, observe this one (Paul) concerning whom all the multitude of the Jews, both here and in Jerusalem, asked me to intercede (entunchano), calling out that he must not live any longer.'"


ASK TO INTERCEDE Act.25.24. Rom.11.2.

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