Prayer 2

0155 AITEMA (3): This is the basic Greek word for a request, whether of God or of a human. See "ask" (0154 aiteo) below for more information.

A REQUEST TO GOD IN PRAYER: as in Php.4.6: "Be anxious about nothing, but in everything by prayer (proseuche) and by plea (de'esis) with thanksgivings (eucharistia) let your requests (aitema) be made known to God." Four different kinds of prayers are identified in this passage. See "prayer" (4335 proseuche) for additional kinds of prayers.


REQUEST Php.4.6. 1Jn.5.15.

A REQUEST OF A HUMAN: Lk.23.24 tells of Pilate's decision concerning the demand by the chief priests and leaders that Jesus be crucified: "And Pilate decided to let their request (aitema) be carried out."


REQUEST Lk.23.24.

0154 AITEO (69): always "ask" in the sense of "to request." Aiteo is not used in the sense of "to inquire" or "to question" in God's FCM (NT).The request may be to God or to another human. Note that the lesser one requests something from the greater one. Comp. "prayer" (4335 proseuche).

The word "erotao" also means "to ask or request." But unlike "aiteo", "erotao" sometimes means "to inquire about", "to question" or "to plead;" and the request is never directed to God. Erotao is used in context with aiteo in Jn.16.23, 16.26 and 1Jn.5.16. For example, Jn.16.23: "And in that day you will not question (erotao) me [about] anything. Truly truly I tell you+, 'Whatever you+ ask (aiteo) the Father, he will give it to you+ in my name.'"

TO MAKE A REQUEST OF GOD: as in Jn.15.16: "You+ did not choose me, but I chose you+, and assigned you+; so that you+ should go out and should bear fruit and your+ fruit should remain; so that whatever you+ may ask (aiteo) the Father in my name he may give [it] to you+." Also Jas.1.5: "But if anyone of you+ lacks wisdom, let him ask (aiteo) of God, who is giving to everyone liberally and without rebuking, and it will be given to him..."


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TO MAKE A REQUEST OF JESUS; as in Jn.4.10: "...'If you were aware of the gift of God, and who is saying to you, "Give me to drink," you would have asked (aiteo) him, and he would have given you living water."


ASK (5) Mt.20.20,22. Mk.10.35,38. Jn.4.10.

TO MAKE A REQUEST OF ANOTHER HUMAN: For example, Mk.15.43: "Joseph from Arimathea, an honorable counselor...being courageous, went in to Pilate and asked (aiteo) [for] the body of Jesus."


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