Overseer (Bishop)

1984 EPISKOPE (4): epi = upon + skopos (from skopeo, to look or watch) = a looking or a watching; a looking upon, a watching over. Comp. 1983 episkopeo. A looking upon, visitation, or inspection (by Deity in both passages):

INSPECTION Lk.19.44. 1Pe.2.12.

The function or responsibility of overseeing. The concept of "office", as used in the KJV translation of Act.1.20 and 1Ti.3.1 is not in the text.Dr. Marshall (Nestle-Marshall Interlinear NT) translates 1Ti.3.1 as follows: "Faithful is the word: If anyone aspires to oversight, he desires a good work."

OVERSIGHT Act.1.20. 1Ti.3.1.

1983 EPISKOPEO (1): epi = upon + skopeo = to look or watch; to look or watch over; to observe. "Epi" seems to indicate intensification in this usage; hence, the idea of "looking diligently" as in the KJV, or "carefully watching".


1985 EPISKOPOS (5): epi = upon + skopos = a watcher; one who watches over, an overseer. In Act.20.28 episkopoi (overseers) were older men (elders: v.17) whose function was overseeing and shepherding themselves and the flock among them. In the FCR older men were instructed to oversee the flock or watch over that flock of called-ones "among them" (not "over them" as in the KJV). Note that overseers are not given authority over the flock, but instead have responsibilities both the the group of called-ones and to the Pure Spirit through whom this responsibility is given. In God's Ancient Revelation (AR) the concept of a "watchman" (6822 Hebrew tsapah, or Greek skopos in the Septuagint translation thereof) occurs in Ezk.33.2-6, showing that the responsibility of a "watchman" includes giving warning of danger. So then, just as God set Ezekiel "as a watchman unto the house of Israel" (Verse.7), it appears that older men in their capacity as watchmen (overseers) among a group of called-ones have the responsibility to warn of the wolves described in Mt.7.15 and Act.20.29-30. The qualities an overseer should achieve are listed in 1Ti.3.1-7 and Tit.1.6-9.

Episkopos is sometimes translated "bishop," but "bishop" is an ecclesiastical word invented by humans and does not translate episkopos. Episkopos is never used as a title in the FCR.

OVERSEER Act.20.28. Php.1.1. 1Ti.3.2. Tit.1.7. 1Pe.2.25.


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