4235 PRAOS : see 4239 praus.

4236 PRAOTES : see 4240 prautes.

4239aPRAUPATHEIA (1): praus = gently strong + pathema = suffering; gentle suffering.


4239 PRAUS (4): gentle and caring, yet with characteristics of self-control and moral strength. In Mt.11.29 Yesu described himself as praus and lowly in heart, yet was continually in control of himself, suggesting "inner strength." The "calm spirit" of the godly woman in 1Pe.3.4 suggests that praus (which accompanies it) includes "gentleness." In current English, the word "meek" suggests a person who is "weak" and "indecisive," which is opposite to the meaning of praus. Therefore it is unsuitable to translate praus.

GENTLY STRONG Mt.5.5; 11.29; 21.5. 1Pe.3.4.

4240 PRAUTES (11): as in 4239 praus, gentle characteristics combined with moral strength. A good quality listed with "forbearance" in 2Co.10.1; and with "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness faithfulness and selfcontrol" in Gal.5.22-23; and with "humility" in Eph.4.2; with "compassion" in Col.3.12; and with "wisdom" in Jas.3.13. The context of Jas.1.21 suggests that "moral strength" is required to put away the evils described, as do several other passages; and the context of 1Pe.3.16 describes a person who is also "gentle."

GENTLE STRENGTH 1Co.4.21. 2Co.10.1. Gal.5.23; 6.1. Eph.4.2. Col.3.12. 2Ti.2.25. Tit.3.2. Jas.1.21; 3.13. 1Pe.3.16.


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