2872 KOPIAO (22): to labor or toil in general, or to become weary. Kopiao occurs with ergazomai in 1Co.4.12 and Eph.4.28. In those passages "labor" (kopiao) is the general expending of effort; but "work" (ergazomai) is activity to acccomplish something specific, or achieve a certain goal, as in Eph.4.28: "Let the one who is stealing, steal no more; but instead let him labor (kopiaow), working (ergazomai ) the good thing with his own hands so that he may have [something] to share [with] the one having need."


LABOR (16) Mt.6.28. Jn.4.38,38. Rom.16.6,12,12. 1Co.15.10; 16.16. Gal.4.11. Eph.4.28. Php.2.16. Col.1.29. 1Th.5.12. 1Ti.4.10; 5.17. 2Ti.2.6.

Strenuous physical or spiritual labor, as in Lk.5.5: "And answering, Simon said, 'Master, we toiled (kopiao) through the whole night [and] took nothing. But at your word I will let down the nets.'" TOIL (4) Mt.11.28. Lk.5.5. Act.20.35. 1Co.4.12.

Becoming weary, as in Rev.2.3: "...and you have endurance, and have borne burdens because of my name, and have not grown weary (kopiao)."

WEARY (2) Jn.4.6. Rev.2.3.

2873 KOPOS (18): labor or toil in general; or, troubled circumstances. Compare kopos to its usage with "work" (2041 ergon) in 1Co.15.58, 1Th.1.3, Rev.2.2 and 14.13. For example, Rev.14.13: "And I heard a voice out of heaven saying, 'Write, "The dead ones who are dying in [the] Master are benefited from now on."' The Spirit says, 'Yes, so that they may rest from their labors (kopos); for their works (ergon) follow them.'"


LABOR (11) Jn.4.38. 1Co.3.8; 15.58. 2Co.6.5; 10.15. 1Th.1.3; 2.9; 3.5. 2Th.3.8. Rev.2.2; 14.13.

In these two passages Paul's struggles suggest that his labors were very difficult, as in 2Co.11.27: " toil (kopos) and harship, often under surveillance, in famine and thirst, many times in fastings, in cold and nakedness..."

TOIL (2) 2Co.11.23,27.

In these five passages kopos is used with the word "cause" (3930 parecho), to form the expression, "cause trouble," as in Gal.6.17: "[As] for the others, let no one cause (parecho) me troubles (kopos); for I bear the brands of Jesus in my body."

TROUBLE (5) Mt.26.10. Mk.14.6. Lk.11.7; 18.5. Gal.6.17.

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