Kill #2

2380 THUO (14): to kill an animal for food or a sacrifice, as in Act.10.13-14: "And there came a voice to him: 'Rise up, Peter, kill (thuo) and eat.' But Peter said, 'Not so, Master, because I have never eaten anything common and unclean." See also "sacrifice" (2378 thusia), below. The Greek word that is used to represent the killing of a human is 0615 " apokteino ."

Also, Jesus was sacrificed for believers; 1Co.5.7: "Clean out the old leaven, so that you+ may be a new lump, just as you+ are unleavened. For indeed our Passover, the Anointed One, was sacrificed (thuo)."


KILL (9) Mt.22.4. Mk.14.12. Lk.15.23,27,30; 22.7. Jn.10.10. Act.10.13; 11.7.

SACRIFICE (5) Act.14.13,18. 1Co.5.7. 10.20,20.

2378 THUSIA (28): usually an animal sacrifice. In Rom.12.1, figuratively, the living sacrifice of a believer: "So then, I plead with you+, brothers, through the compassion of God, to present your+ bodies a pure, living sacrifice (thusia), pleasing to God; your rational service."

Jesus was a sacrifice for believers in Eph.5.2: "...and walk in love, as precious children, as the Anointed One also loved you and gave up himself on our behalf, an offering and a sacrifice (thusia) for a fragrant aroma."


SACRIFICE Mt.9.13; 12.7. Mk.12.33. Lk.2.24; 13.1. Act.7.41,42. Rom.12.1. 1Co.10.18. Eph.5.2. Php.2.17; 4.18. Heb.5.1; 7.27; 8.3; 9.9,23,26; 10.1,5,8,11,12,26; 11.4; 13.15,16. 1Pe.2.5.

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