This word-study is the sequel to the word-study, "want, desire" (thelo). Thelo and boulomai are not synonyms. However in some passages it is difficult to tell whether a "want" or an "intention" is under consideration.

1012 BOULE (12): an intention, a determination, advice, counsel.

PURPOSE Act.2.23; 4.28; 5.38; 13.36. 1Co.4.5. Eph.1.11. Heb.6.17.
ADVICE Act.20.27; 27.12,42.
DETERMINATION Lk.7.30; 23.51.

1013 BOULEMA (2): a goal, purpose or intention. I

INTENTION Act.27.43. Rom.9.19. 1Pe.4.3.

1011 BOULEUOMAI (7): to consult for a specific purpose; make a determination.

DETERMINE Lk.14.31. Act.5.33; 27.39. 2Co.1.17,17.
RESOLVE Jn.11.53.
CONSULT Jn.12.10.

1010 BOULEUTFS (2): one who counsels or is consulted.

COUNSELOR Mk.15.43. Lk.23.50.

1014 BOULOMAI (35): to have a purpose, to want, intend. To will, when God's intention is under consideration.

Note that boulomai often involves an intention that looks to the future for its fulfillment, whereas thelo (2309 "want") often expresses a desire without an apparent time factor.

Used with "want" (2309 thelo) in Mt.1.19, Lk.22.42 and Act.17.20.

INTEND (21) Mt.1.19; 11.27. Mk.15.15. Lk.10.22. Act.5.28; 12.4; 15.37; 17.20; 18.15,27; 19.30; 27.43. 1Co.12.11. 2Co.1.15. 1Ti.5.14; 6.9. Phm.13. Heb.6.17. Jas.1.18; 3.4; 4.4.
WANT (13) Jn.18.39. Act.22.30; 23.28; 25.20,22; 28.18. Php.1.12. 1Ti.2.8. Tit.3.8. 2Pe.3.9. 2Jn.12. 3Jn.10. Jud.5.
WILL (1) Lk.22.42.


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