2032 EPOURANIOS (19): epi = upon (intensification) + ouranios = heavenly; or, higher than other heavens. For example Eph.1.20-21: "...which he (God) utilized in the Anointed One, raising him out of dead ones and seating [him] at his right hand in heavenly places (epouranios), far above all prominence and authority and power and masters and every name being named, not only in this age but also in the [one] coming..." See "heaven" (3772 ouranos) for discussion.

However, the "heavenly places" of Eph.6.12 refer to the highest places in the "heaven" of evil: "...our struggle is not against blood and flesh, but against prominent ones, against authorities, against world forces of this darkness, against evil spiritual being in heaven- ly places (epouranios)." See "heaven" (3772 ouranos) for discussion.

The comparisons between "earthly" (1919 epigeios) and epouranios in Jn.3.12, 1Co.15.40 and Php.2.10 show that it is best translated "heavenly." For example Jn.3.12: "If I told you+ earthly things and you+ do not trust, how will you+ trust if I tell you+ heavenly things? (epouranios)" There is a similar comparison between "earthy" (5517 choikos) and both ouranos and epouranios in 1Co.15.47-49: "...the first human (Adam) [was] of earth, earthy (choikos); the second human (Jesus) [was] of heaven (ouranos). As the earthy one (choikos), so also the earthy ones (choikos); and as the heavenly one (epouranios), so also the heavenly ones (eporanios). And as we bore the image of the earthy one (choikos), so also will we bear the image of the heavenly one (epouranios)."


HEAVENLY (6) 1Co.15.40,40. 2Ti.4.18. Heb.3.1; 6.4; 12.22.
HEAVENLY PLACE (6) Eph.1.3,20; 2.6; 3.10; 6.12. Heb.11.16.
HEAVENLY ONE (4) 1Co.15.48,48,49. Php.2.10.
HEAVENLY THING (3) Jn.3.12. Heb.8.5; 9.23.


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