2588 KARDIA (157): heart. Kardia refers once to Yesu being "in the heart of the earth". In Act.13.22 it refers to God's heart. Surprisingly, it never refers to the physical human heart in God's First Century Revelation (FCR). In all other passages it refers figuratively to mental processes including, reasoning, deciding, conscience, memory, emotion, etc. as follows:

REASONING OR PLANNING: The heart can think, understand, fail to understand, predetermine, reason, ponder, debate, speak to one's self.

HEART (25) Mt.9.4; 13.15,15; 15.19. 24.48. Mk.2.6,8; 7.19,21. Lk.1.51; 2.19,35; 3.15; 5.22; 9.47; 12.45; 21.14. Jn.12.40. Act.8.22; 28.27. Rom.8.27; 10.6. 1Co.4.5. Heb.4.12. Rev.18.7.

MEMORY: The heart can contain good or wrongful information, have something written or receive something, be nourished, and have secrets.

HEART (25) Mt.[9.4;] 12.34; 13.19; 15.18[,19]. [Mk.7.21.] Lk.1.66; 2.[19,35,]51; 6.45,45; 8.12,15. Act.7.23. Rom.2.15; 5.5; 10.8. 1Co.14.25. 2Co.1.22; 3.2,3. 2Co.7.3. Gal.4.6. Php.1.7. Heb.8.10; 10.16. Jas.5.5. Rev.17.17.

DECIDING OR TAKING ACTION: The heart can purpose, decide, intend, choose, stand firm, be dedicated, dedicate, be diligent, be opened, be established, be confirmed, be single-hearted, have light shine in, be ruled, be directed, be in harmony, be guarded, be with one's treasure, receive someone, have Yesu dwell in it, sing, be persuaded, love, believe, obey, forgive, be purified, turn, err, be wrong, be deceived, be blind, be veiled, be darkened, be hardened, be calloused, be enlightened, lie, be unfaithful, be bitter, jealous and factious.

HEART (55) Mt.5.28; 6.21; 18.35; 22.37. Mk.11.23; 12.33. Lk.1.17; 10.27; 12.34; 24.25. Jn.12.40a; 13.2. Act.4.32; 5.3,4; 7.39; 8.21,37b; 11.23; 16.14; 28.27. Rom.1.21; 6.17; 10.9,10; 16.18. 1Co.7.37. 2Co.3.15; 4.6; 6.11; 8.16; 9.7. [Gal.4.6.] Eph.1.18; 3.17; 4.18; 5.19; 6.5. Php.4.7. Col.3.15,16,22. 1Th.3.13. 2Th.3.5. Heb.3.8,10,15; [4.7,12]; 13.9. Jas.1.26; 3.14; 4.8; 5.8. 1Pe.1.22; 3.4,15. 1Jn.3.19.

FEELING EMOTION: The Heart can be afraid, grieve, sorrow, be bereaved, rejoice, be broken, be burning.

HEART (10) Lk.24.32. Jn.14.27; 16.6,22. Act.2.26; 14.17; 21.13. Rom.9.2. 2Co.2.4. 1Th.2.17.

REASONING ACCOMPANIED BY EMOTION: The heart can doubt, question, be burdened, be troubled, be stung, be cut, be anxious, glory (boast, exult), be comforted, covet, lust, desire.

HEART (13) [Mk.11.23.] Lk.21.34; 24.38. Jn.14.1[,27]. Act.2.37; 7.54. Rom.1.24; 10.1. 2Co.5.12. Eph.6.22. Col.2.2; 4.8. 2Th.2.17. 2Pe.2.14.

CONSCIENCE: The heart can be true to the conscience.

HEART (2) 1Co.7.37a. Heb.10.22.

RELATIONSHIP TO GOD: The heart can be condemned or blameless, be proved, be searched, be judged, be known, be after God's heart.

HEART (12) Mt.15.8. Mk.7.6; 12.30. Lk.16.15. Act.13.22. 1Co.2.9. 1Th.2.4. [Heb.4.12.] 2Pe.1.19. 1Jn.3.[19,]20,20,21. Rev.2.23.

KINDS OF HEARTS: clean, meek and lowly, worthy and good, single, circumcized, true, hard, wrongful, impenitent, deceived.

HEART (14) Mt.5.8; 11.29. Mk.3.5; 6.52; 8.17. [Lk.8.15.] Act.2.46; 7.51; 15.9. Rom.2.5,29; [16.18. Eph.6.5. Col.3.22.] 1Ti.1.5. 2Ti.2.22. Heb.3.12[,15]; 4.7; 10.22.


HEART (1) Mt.12.40.

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