3404 MISEO (40): to despise, disdain, feel contempt, be apathetic, to care less. To be "miseo by all" (Mt.10.22, 24.9, Mk.13.13, Lk.21.17 cannot be as intense an emotion as "hatred". Whether "miseo by all" is considered to be a gross exaggeration for emphasis (hyperbole), or whether it is considered to be literal, "ALL" who were (or are) against Christians certainly would not feel hatred, but would have a broad range of emotions ranging from apathy to disdain to hatred. Miseo is the opposite of "helpfully care for" (0025 agapao) in Mt.5.43, 6.24, Lk.6.27, 16.13, Rom.9.13, Heb.1.9, 1Jn.2.9,11, 3.14, 4.20.

Which master will a slave serve?: In Mt. 6.24 and Lk.16.13 Jesus said, No one "...can slave for two masters; for he will either disregard (miseo) the one and helpfully care for (agapao) the other, or hold onto one and reject the other. You+ cannot slave for God and material things." In the human world it is undesirable to have two bosses wanting to control an employee, however one can visualize conscientiously serving one boss, and thereby disregarding the other. But Jesus is referring to masters of human spirits. Note that the opposite of agapao "helpfully care for" (love) is not "hating," but "disregarding." Paul explains this statement by Jesus in Rom.6.16: "...you+ are slaves to whom you+ obey, whether of wrongdoing unto death or of obedience unto uprightness." See discussion under 0025 agapao. Comp. "reject" (2706 kataphroneo) in Mt.6.24 and Lk.16.13.

Who is most important, Jesus or family?: Husbands and wives are to "helpfully care for" (love) each other (Eph.5.25,28 and Tit.2.4) and their children (Tit.2.4). In Lk.14.26, Jesus said, "If anyone comes to me and does not miseo (care less for) his father and mother and wife and children...he cannot be my learner." Would it not be a contradiction for Jesus to advise his followers to despise (hate) family members, when elsewhere they are to be "loved?" Thus miseo cannot mean "hate" in this passage. But one can "love" both Jesus AND family members if one's primary loyalty is to Jesus (God).

Miseo means "despise" in Mt.5.43 and Rom.9.13 where it quotes the Hebrew word "sane" (hate) in God's Ancient Revelation (OT).


DESPISE (34) Mt.5.43; 10.22; 24.9,10. Mk.13.13. Lk.1.71; 6.22,27; 19.14; 21.17. Jn.7.7,7; 15.18,18,19,23,23,24,25; 17.14. Rom.7.15. Eph.5.29. Tit.3.3. Heb.1.9. 1Jn.2.9,11; 3.13,15; 4.20. Jud.23. Rev.2.6,6; 17.16; 18.2.


DISREGARD (4) Mt.6.24. Lk.16.13. Jn.3.20; 12.25.
CARE LESS FOR (2) Lk.14.26. Rom.9.13.


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