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1431 DOREA (11): a gift. Every use of dorea in God's FCM (NT) involves special (spiritual) "gifts" given to humans by God, Jesus or the Pure Spirit. When used together with the word "favor" (5485 charis), the resulting expression, "gift of favor" ("dorea charis,") means the same thing as "gift of favor" (5486 charisma). This can be seen in Rom.5.15: "But the gift of favor (charisma) [is] not as the offense. For if by the offense of the one [human] many died, much more did God's favor (charis ) and the gift of favor (dorea en charis) of the one human, Jesus [the] Anointed one, overflow to the many."

DOREA USED WITH CHARIS TO MEAN "A GIFT OF FAVOR"; as in Eph.4.7: "Now to each one of us was given a gift (dorea) [of] favor (charis) according to the Anointed One's measure."

GIFT (3) Rom.5.15. Eph.3.7; 4.7.

GIFT OF GOD: For example Heb.6.4-6, others cannot renew those who trusted in God and then fell away: "For [it is] impossible [for] those who were once enlightened, who tasted of the heavenly gift (dorea), who became participants in pure spirit, who tasted the good word of God and powerful deeds of a coming age, and [then] fell away, to renew [them] again to a change of heart; who are again crucifying for themselves the Son of God and who are exposing [him] to open shame."

GIFT (4) Jn.4.10. Act.8.20. 2Co.9.15. Heb.6.4.

GIFT OF JESUS THE ANOINTED ONE: Rom.5.17: For if by the offense of one, death reigned because of [the] one, much more will those who are receiving the overflowing gift (dorea) of favor (charis ) and upright- ness, reign in life because of the one, Jesus [the] Anointed One.

GIFT (1) Rom.5.17.

GIFT OF "THE PURE SPIRIT": Act.10.44-47 describes the event in which the foreigners, Cornelius and his household, were immersed: "While Peter was still speaking these words, the Pure Spirit fell on all of those listening to the message. And the trusting ones of the circumcision, who had accompanied Peter, were astonished because the gift (dorea) of the Pure Spirit was poured out also on the foreigners; for they heard them speaking in [foreign] languages and magnifying God. Then Peter answered, 'No one can refuse water [for] these to be immersed, whom the Pure Spirit received even as we, can he?'"

When Peter returned to Jerusalem he explained this event to the delegates and brothers in Judea in Act.11.15-16: "And as I began to speak, the Pure Spirit fell on them as also on us at the beginning. And I remembered the word of the Master, how he said (in Act.1.5), 'John indeed immersed with water, but you+ will be immersed in pure spirit.'" (Jesus' statement of Act.1.5 was fulfilled in Act.2.4: "and they were all filled with pure spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them to speak.") And Peter continues in Act.11.17: "So then, if God gave them the same gift (dorea) that he also gave to us who have trusted on the Master, Jesus [the] Anointed One, who was I to restrain God?"

Note that the gift (dorea) was given by the "Pure Spirit," and the immersion was into "pure spirit." See 4151 pneuma concerning the absence of a definite article in front of lower case "pure spirit."

GIFT (3) Act.2.38; 10:45; 11.17.

1432 DOREAN (9): freely; an adverb related to 1431 dorea. It never refers to a gift of the Spirit in God's FCM.

THE ATTITUDE WITH WHICH SOMETHING IS GIVEN OR THE EXTENT TO WHICH SOMETHING IS DONE; as in Mt.10.8: "Heal those who are ailing, raise dead ones, expel demons; freely you+ received, freely give..."

FREELY Mt.10.8. Jn.15.25. Rom.3.24. 2Co.11.7. Rev.21.6; 22.17.

WASTED, OR AS A GIFT; as in Gal.2.21: "I do not set aside God's favor; for if uprightness [comes] through law, then the Anointed one died in vain."

IN VAIN Gal.2.21.
AS A GIFT 2Th.3.8.

1434 DOREMA (2): similar in meaning to 1431 dorea, a gift from God.

GIFT Rom.5.16. Jas.1.17.

1433 DOREO (3): to give. In 2Pe.1.3 "...his godly power has given us all things concerning life and godlikeness...". Note: The Greek verb for "give" in God's FCM is usually 1325 didwmi.

GIVE Mk.15.45. 2Pe.1.3,4.

1435 DORON (19): a gift (not a gift of the Spirit). Always a gift given by a human, except in Eph.2.8, where the gift is from God: "For by a favor you+ are rescued through trust; and this is not of you+, the gift (doron) [is] of God."

GIFT Mt.2.11; 5.23,24,24; 8.4; 15.5; 23.18,19,19. Mk.7.11. Lk.21.1, 4. Eph.2.8. Heb.5.1; 8.3,4; 9.9; 11.4. Rev.11.10.

1394 DOSIS (2): giving. Form of "give" (1325 didomi). Opposite of "receiving" (3028 lepsis) in Php.4.15.

GIVING Php.4.15. Jas.1.17. 10/97

1395 DOTES (1): one who gives. Form of "give" (1325 didomi).

GIVER 2Co.9.7.

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