DIE #3

5053 TELEUTAO (10): to complete one's life; that is, to die or end. Teleutao is part of the "telos" Greek word family, whose meanings include "complete", "fulfill", "mature" and "end."

Teleutao is equivalent to "die" (0599 apothnesko) in Mt.22.25-27: "Now there were with us seven brothers; and the first, having married, died (teleutao), and not having left his seed, left his wife to his brother. Also the second and the third, until the seven. And last of all the woman died (apothnesko)."

That teleutao means the "end" of one's life can be seen in Mk.7.10: "For Moses said, 'Honor your father and your mother. Let the one speaking evil of father or mother end (teleutao) by death (thanatos).'"


DIE Mt.2.19; 9.18; 15.4; 22.25. Lk.7.2. Jn.11.39. Act.2.29; 7.15. Heb.11.22.
END Mk.7.10.

5054 TELEUTE (1): The completion of one's life; death. Translation:

DEATH Mt.2.15.

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