DIE #2

2348 THNESKO (13): to die. Always used in the FCM (NT) in the sense of a death having occurred, as in Jn.19.33: "But coming to Jesus, when they realized he had already died (thnesko), they did not break his legs." Also, Mk.15.44: "And Pilate marvelled that he had already died (thnesko); and calling the centurion to him asked him how long ago he died (apothnesko)."

DIE Mt.2.20. Mk.15.44. Lk.7.12; 8.49. Jn.11.44; 19.33. Act.14.19; 25.19. 1Ti.5.6.

2349 THNETOS (6): perishable, mortal, as in Rom.6.12: "So then, let not wrongdoing reign in your+ mortal (thnetos) body to obey its lust.

MORTAL Rom.6.12; 8.11. 1Co.15.53,54. 2Co.4.11; 5.4.

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