4983 SOMA (142): a body. Usually a physical or a figurative human body, or believers as a group representing the "body" of the Anointed One.

See "flesh" (4561 sarx) for its many references to the human body, as in 2Jn.7: "...because many deceivers went out into the world, those not acknowledging Jesus as the Anointed One coming in the flesh (sarx)."

A LITERAL HUMAN BODY; as in Jas.2.15-16: "If a brother or a sister is naked and lacking daily food, and any one of you says, 'Go in peace, be warmed and filled;' but you+ do not give them the necessities of the body, what is the benefit?". Or, change of the body from physical to spiritual in 1Co.15.44: " is planted a sensory body, [but] it is raised a spiritual body."

BODY (87) Mt.6.25,25; 10.28,28; 26.12; 27.52,58,29. Mk.5.29; 14.8; 15.43. Lk.12.4,22,23; 23.52,55; 24.3,23. Jn.2.21; 19.31,38,38,40; 20.12. Act.9.40. Rom.1.24; 4.19; 7.4,24; 8.13,23; 12.1. 1Co.5.3; 6.13, 13,16,18,18,19,20; 7.4,4,34; 9.27; 10.16; 12.12,12,12,14,15,15,16,16, 17; 13.3; 15.35,44,44,44. 2Co.4.10,10; 5.6,8,10; 10.10; 12.2,2,3,3. Gal.6.17. Eph.5.28. Php.1.20; 3.21a. Col.1.22; 2.23. 1Th.5.23. Heb.10.5,10,22; 13.3. Jas.2.16,26; 3.2,6. 1Pe.2.24. Jud.9. Rev.18.13.

CHRISTIANS AS THE BODY (EKKLESIA) OF THE ANOINTED ONE; as in Rom.12.4-5: "For as we [each] have many parts in one body (soma), but the parts do not all have the same function, so we the many are one body (soma) in the Anointed One and partners one with another." And in Col.1.18: "...and he is the head of the body (soma), the community; who is [the] beginning, firstborn from the dead."

BODY (25) Rom.12.4,5. 1Co.6.15; 10.17; 12.13,18,19,20,22,23,24,25,27. Eph.1.23; 2.16; 4.3,12,16,16; 5.23,30. Col.1.18,24; 2.19; 3.15.

THE HUMAN "BODY" IN A FIGURATIVE SENSE, other than as part of the body of the Anointed One; for example, Lk.11.34-36: "The lamp of the body (soma) is your eye. When your eye is faultless, your whole body (soma) is bright; but when it is evil your body (soma) also is dark. So beware, lest your light is darkness. So then, if your whole body (soma) is bright, without any part dark, the whole will be bright, as when a shining lamp illuminates you."

BODY (22) Mt.5.29,30; 6.22,22,23; 26.26. Mk.14.22. Lk.11.34,34,34,36; 17.37; 22.19. Rom.6.6,12; 8.10,11. 1Co.11.24,27,29. Col.2.11,17.

THE MAGNIFICENT BODY OF THE ANOINTED ONE IN HEAVEN: "...who (Jesus) will change the body of our humble state, conforming it to the body (soma) of his magnificence by means of his ability even to subject all things to himself."

BODY (1): Php.3.21b.

OTHER KINDS OF BODIES: plants (1Co.15.37,38), heavenly or earthly bodies (1Co.15.40); bodies of animals (Heb.13.11, Jas.3.3); as in Jas.3.3, "...we put bridles into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, and we direct their whole body (soma).

BODY (7) 1Co.15.37,38,38,40,40. Heb.13.11. Jas.3.3.

4984 SOMATIKOS (2): (adjective) pertaining to a body.

BODILY Lk.3.22. 1Ti.4.8.

4985 SOMATIKOS (1): (adverb) bodily. "...because in him (the Anointed One), all the fullness of the Godhead (2320 theotfs) dwells bodily."

BODILY Col.2.9.                                


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